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Carefully chosen and high quality


  • 12 Vitamins
  • Colloidal trace elements
  • produced in a sustainable way and fairly traded
  • vegan and completely vegetal

The main ingredients

Pure nature

Vitality is no coincidence!

D Vitamin from lichens

12 vitamines

Biotin, niacin, C vitamin and other vitamins contribute to the functioning of the nervous system and the energetic metabolism.

see nutritional table

Trace elements and


For the cellular division, bone structure as well as the preservation of the skin, hair and nails, they are essential.

see nutritional table

Queen of fruit


The Garcinia Mangostana, with its various secondary vegetal substances, is known as Xanthone.

  • 250 mg of mangosteen powdered juice

A bomb of C vitamin

Bio Acerola

This fruit is predominantly grown in South America and is a very well-known source of C vitamin.

  • 720 mg of acerola powdered juice

Precious lily water

Aloe Vera

In VABO-N Essentials only the biologically certified interior parts of the leave are used.

  • 40 mg of Aloe Vera gel

Secondary vegetal substances


Resveratol complex, extracted from the vine shoots, as well as transresveratrol from the Japanese knotweed.

  • 9 mg Resveratrol

VABO-N Essentials

Nutritional Table

The recommended daily dose (33 ml) Contains Recommended (NRV) * Correspondent (ETB) **
Vitamin A 750 µg 800 µg 94 %
Vitamin B1 1,5 mg 1,1 mg 136 %
Vitamin B2 1,7 mg 1,4 mg 121 %
Vitamin B6 4,2 mg 1,4 mg 300 %
Vitamin B12 9 µg 2,5 µg 360 %
Vitamin C 180 mg 80 mg 225 %
Vitamin D 5 µg 5 µg 100 %
Vitamin E 15 mg 12 mg 125 %
Biotin (Vitamin H) 150 µg 50 µg 300 %
Folsäure (Vitamin B9) 400 µg 200 µg 200 %
Pantothensäure (Vitamin B5) 10 mg 6 mg 167 %
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 17 mg 16 mg 106 %
Zink 10 mg 10 mg 100 %
Selen 50 µg 55 µg 91 %
Magnesium 65 mg 375 mg 17 %
Plant Compounds
Acerolasaftpulver 720 mg ***
Aloe Vera Gel 40 mg ***
Mangostansaftpulver 250 mg ***
Resveratrol 9 mg ***

* Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) according to the Food Information Regulation
** Daily need of calories
*** No nutrient references ​​available

A totally all-round product

One drink. All inside.

Sherin Rashwan

With VABO-N I feel completely well – my body is supplied with the daily needed dose of vitamins and mineral nutrients. For me, it is more than a way of life. It is the way to a life full of power, health and freedom.

Franziska Ott

Since I have been drinking VABO-N, I have the energy in my life and the good mood I need for my daily life to take care of my three children. Besides, it pleases the children so much, that they enjoy to drink it.

Manuela Glücker

Very tasty and rich, that is how we appreciate VABO-N! The body needs so many vitamins and mineral nutrients and the amazing about VABO-N is that it combines all of them. A good opportunity to do something for your health.

Contact person

Jasmin Seelos

  • Family attendant since 2013
  • Exam. Public health nurse
  • Healthy mother of 2 children
  • VABO-N brand ambassador Germany